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Our family has been living for ages in Velo Veronese, an ancient Cimbrian town at 1100 m above s.l., in the province of Verona. That's the heart of Lessinia and that means a land for pastures, where the cows eat mountain grasses which give milk a unique taste. Our animals are raised by respecting the rhythms of Mother Earth, they are feeded in a healthy way, they roam among the green fields and breath fresh and clean air.

Albi Family
Albi Family

We are among the founders of the Consorzio Monte Veronese DOP

Monte Veronese

Great love for the territory and a long experience as breeders and producers gave us the idea to open the ValVerde Inn: the first real professional touristic facility of great charme in all Lessinia, which is born from a major renovation in the full respect of the preexisting architecture. It is a indispensable destination for those who love nature and food and want to try the warmth of an authentic and traditional location.

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Locanda Viaverde
Locanda Viaverde

In order to give more value to our passion, our art, our dreams we decided to commit to a project we are proud of: to join other farms of the area to create an organic product line of cheese and other food specialties by strictly connecting to the territory.

Organic because we are sure that work here is a unique and amazing opportunity, that each effort can give more value to what we produce, that our land deserves our love; and we are sure that everything you will taste will instill you all these feelings.

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